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Be prepared! Every public speaking event is a performance.

Jean Bowra was my very welcome companion for part of the continuing conversation I am having with you about how to conquer your fear of public speaking.

Conversation Series

Please feel free to take a look at the other videos about varied aspects of public speaking.

The first set, you can find on my YouTube Channel Polish Your Pitch.

The Real Thing

Jean was formerly a lecturer in Sociology (now retired).

I met this wonderful person as my Director when I was performing in a community theatre production Come Swing With Us, presented by the Guys n Dolls Revue.

I had the great pleasure of chatting with Jean Bowra at her lovely home in Brighton, Qld Australia recently.

She was a wealth of information and it was wonderful to laugh and laugh.

I am still a bit astounded she still wanted to speak with me AFTER the gruelling 3 months of rehearsals!

AND the performances!

Her experience in Sociology and the advice she had ready for students gripped with fear of presentations was one source of gold nuggets of wisdom.

But when we coupled those with her involvement in community theatre for over 20 years – well you will see below what valuable practical everyday things you can do to help you.

She is the Real Thing when it comes to presenting in public: performer, lecturer, director.


In my opinion, and I am relieved Jean agreed with me, every time you get up to speak in public it is a performance.

I have and will continue to expand on that in other places.  But if you think of the common denominator, public speaking is presenting at an event to one or more people.

Public speaking happens every time you speak to someone (other than yourself) for some reason about some topic.


Below is the summary.  You’ll have to watch the video yourself to find out about the BUCKETS.  There are more than 7 tips!

Here are 7 ways to make public speaking better for you and your audience


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EVERYONE is nervous when performing.

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Be prepared – be 100% organised.

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Have your speech in front of you – it can be your anchor.

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Lighting – can you adjust it to ‘dim’ the audience and ‘highlight’ you?

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Don’t look at any one person – choose 4 points of focus on the back wall – move through them in turn. They won’t know the difference.


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Control the physical environment so it suits you – sitting, standing, how the chairs are grouped.


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Keep a glass of water – handy.


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So there you have it.  A handy list of 7 to keep your public presentations on track.

There’s much more to discover about this topic.

Check out the video below.


Let me know which one you can use straight away in the comments.




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