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Frodo the semi-liquid shadow

Frodo’s story is a sad one.

He lost out in the lottery to go with his old lady owner into a nursing home.  She had two cats and could only take one.

Frodo was rescued into a cattery – where he freaked out ALL THE TIME.

He was rescued out of the cattery and into a friend’s home.

The friend had a resident ancient arthritic female cat whom she thought would ignore Frodo and the world would be peaceful for him.

It is almost inevitable I guess that despite the best intentions, Miss Old Cranky Arthritis took an instant dislike to Frodo and would shuffle over on her arthritic legs and attack him.

Frodo then adopted the towel cupboard as his refuge and spent all of his time there.


My friend who will remain nameless mentioned Frodo’s predicament to me and of course, Frodo was rescued out of the reach of Miss Arthritis and with his final rescue into my place has settled admirably well.

He is still generally anxious but his landing in relative paradise has brought him his share of peaceful days and fairly willing human slaves.

Frodo is almost 11 years old now and has been with us for nearly 4 years.  He follows in the paws of many of my long-lived companion cats: Yindee, Mr Smee and Jacko all 17 or so when they crossed the Rainbow Bridge.




Here is the evidence of his ‘comfiness and courage’ over the period of his residency with us.

A very small collection of the Frodo stories:

Outside Inside

I was woken by this feline at 5.13 am yelling at Ms 21’s bedroom door.

No response there, so Frodo came back into my bed doing the circuits around the head, over the chest, then down to the end of the bed.

My bladder has fully woken by then so……shuffle shuffle down the hallway to the bathroom accompanied by the Frodes – instead of turning left to the kitchen I continued on to the bathroom.

An indignant grey furry head shoves around the door, gives a yell and then an intense stare.

I eventually make my way into the kitchen.

He stalks out to the backdoor. I open said door – it is dreary, wet outside.

Frodes looks up – nope not going out there.

Does a quick turn back into the kitchen and sits decoratively beside his food bowls.

Human then gets the sachet out of the pantry and serves breakfast.

Not one word has been spoken by this human during the exchange.

Human is just about to snooze again – Frodo comes back licking his chops and Ms 21 now wanders now out to rummage in the fridge.

I am grateful for…….. the ease with which I have been trained by cats over the decades.

Dead Mouse Throws

Good news and bad news at early o’clock this day!

Frodo caught a mouse and proudly presented it to me on my bed.

Good news! He’s a mouser – hitherto unknown talent!

Bad news! I have a mouse in my house!

He was so proud and was flinging it into the air.

I don’t like dead mice being flung into the air on my bed when I am in it.

I thanked him very much for his gift and threw it off the bed.

After the third time he brought it back up onto the bed – I confiscated said small dead rodent and put it in the rubbish bin.


He was not impressed, neither was I, for different reasons.

At 3.16 am, I was not at my best!

Coconut Chicken Curry

This is a toss between Kitchen Olympics series and the Frodo collection.


Looks quiet and peaceful doesn’t it? This is the coconut curry chicken dinner I just assembled in my slow cooker.

It had better taste fabulous by the time I get home to eat it!

It was prepared in a battleground!

You all may remember that Frodo LOVES chicken?

I was cutting up the chicken thighs to the tune of MROOOW MROOW – I can usually drown that out by singing loudly.

Frodo is a loooong lean cat who can reach bench height with his front paws without any effort.

Banging my very sharp knife on the cutting board was not a deterrent at all.

Yes, he got a few bits thrown down to him as Sky Food.

His claws attached to my bum however stopped that immediately.  He was locked in the very comfy back room – yelling to be let out!

“There’s CHICKEN in the KITCHEN and it is mine” kind of song.

Super Ingredient

The super ingredient for this curry was…. a can of coconut cream.

This can was a traditional can with NO RING PULL.

I reached into the drawer to get my opener of traditional cans and confidently placed it on the rim to open said can.

It pierced the lid but WOULD NOT TURN!

Hmm looked in that drawer again for a can piercer – nope haven’t had one of those for a decade or so – but I still looked for it.

So now to open can I proceeded to pierce it a bit at a time with the newer non-turning device until I had an opening WITH an air hole on the other side because airlock.

Struggled with a big spoon to wedge open more pouring space.

This was cream which did not want to pour. Um…… hot water poured into can, shaken vigorously with bits flying about.

Finally liquid loses high viscosity and oozes out.

As I said this had better be good!  A couple of lessons I want to share with you.

  • I will only buy ring pull cans from now on.
  • Can openers will be electric or the punch hole variety.
  • I hold the current record for distance covered in coconut cream agitation.


What about Frodo you ask?

Finishing off on a high note about the cat called Frodo.

While he didn’t partake of the coconut chicken curry crockpot that night – he is an exasperating, much loved and well-fed feline.

He will join the ranks of the geriatric pusses who have trained me over 40 years or so.

I do love dogs too.


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