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How much would you pay to see yourself delivering a speech?

Watching this fabulous TED talk from Tania de Jong AM is time well spent.  She discusses what actually happens when you sing with other people.

Any event where you are expected to perform in public can be a source of anxiety.

Tania offers a wonderful alternative point of reference.

She asks us to broaden our experience and fill up our tool box with ways to live life creatively and with vigour by singing.

I can hear many of you saying singing is not the same as speaking.

Well not exactly, but preparation, confidence, resilience, clarity of topic, purpose, voice projection, posture and pitch are integral to both types of performance.



cartoon choir







I am not expecting you all to join a choir today but it is a reminder of what you are actually doing when you get up to speak.

Yes, you are delivering a performance!

Take a moment to think of your audience. What is their experience going to be like with your presentation?

What sort of review would you give your last ‘show’?

Ask for a refund? Or a standing ovation?

Step away from the fear for just a moment and think about the speech you have to give.

Give it substance and purpose and identify the reason you are delivering it.

This small step can make a remarkable difference in the way you approach the task of speaking in public.


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