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How to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking 

Theo Tsaousides Ph.D.

This is a  ‘look at and discuss research findings’ day for the BLOG.

This article offers some very useful general tips to get the fearee (new word creation from me) started towards becoming a confident speaker.

Here is my summary with paraphrasing and some additional comments.

This should bot be surprising.

Have you read any of the other BLOGS here?


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There are six factors listed that have been targeted by researchers:

– relaxation (learn how to relax your body)

– change the way you think about public speaking, and yourself

– focus on communication rather than performance (hold this thought!)

– preparation, rehearsal (coming back to this one too)

– seek out more opportunities

– call in assistance.

I disagreed with #3 – at first.


#3 jumped out at me because the point at first, was to focus more on the communication rather than the performance and I was ready to disagree but then…… I zoomed in on the next sentence.

Here the fearee (is that you dear reader?) is asked to change the perspective of speaking in public from being EVALUATED to BEING OF VALUE.

Fist bump, hands in the air YESSSSS!


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There is so much that you have to contribute and if fear is keeping that value captive, let’s do something about it.

Think of the knowledge, experience, humour, strength and just plain fun you are robbing the world of by not letting it run free.


#4 just sauntered into my discussion


#4 wandered rather than jumped. Plenty of preparation and rehearsal is always good, but it is often necessary to speak without any time buffer.


In meetings, you may be called on to offer an opinion, I know there are many who either become wooden with fear or worse, avoid meetings altogether as an extreme response.


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So I encourage you to have a look at this article/blog.


I would love to hear your thoughts on whether there was some gem of wisdom you could use.


Referring to #6



As always, the team here at Polish Your Pitch is at your service to help you bust the fear of public speaker and give you the chance of a confident and authentic presentation EVERY TIME.






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