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This has nothing to do with Royal Commissions nor bodily fluids nor money.
This time last Saturday I was holding my dear old cat friend Frodo oozing blood from his mouth from a broken upper canine tooth. I was fairly distressed and rang the vet – can you fit him in? The sad voice tells me no – but try this clinic….
The second clinic said come on in – it will be a wait though……. teary OK from me. Hold the thought there… we’ll come back to Frodo before the end.

Focus on the message

I was talking to my older human friend Peter Scanlan recently and asked him what some of his scary experiences were when public speaking.

He told me about his presentation at a bankers conference where he was confronted with a large international audience and while his first feeling was intimidation his next thought was…

I have something important to say and these people need to hear it.

So coming back to Frodo – who is 11. I was in a high state of tension with my lovely old furry friend in distress. I was a bit wobbly when I spoke to the first vet and their sadness of not being able to fit Frodo in was nearly the clincher to turn me into a blubbering mess. BUT when I called the second vet clinic……

I had something important to say on Frodo’s behalf and these people needed to hear it.

So Peter and I took a step back from the first body response which showed up and took control to deliver the important message.

Do you think this would be possible for you?

Sure you can!


I say yes, you can in any situation, where you are in unfamiliar surroundings, coping with unexpected events… just take a look at some of the fear busters we are covering each Friday on my Facebook page or send me a message.

PS (I did NOT ask Peter whether this was pre or post the GFC or had anything to do with the recent Royal Commission. I didn’t have to, this old human friend is a man of integrity and conscience).
PPS If you aren’t an animal lover – too bad!


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