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Habitual eater of wrong things

No arguments from me, an habitual (life long passion) eater of too much nutritionally poor food and way too often.

Drinking (alcohol) enthusiastically and excessively has its own sub-category in this litany of errors in my life.

(My liver, brave soldier that she is, will not be mentioned other than to say; she is welcoming the absence of alcohol AT ALL in the diet of the over-eater/drinker)

I am now at that boomer stage of life where the choices I made over that life-time have now left ‘consequences’ on my once flat abdomen, slim arms, heart-shaped face.

My once strong and flexible knees are now NOT THAT and snap, crackle and pop just about every time they are involved in movement.

My knees don't do this anymore!

You get the picture, right?

What happens now?

So discussions with my GP centred around my recent and past health misadventures.

Let’s call them the Big Four shall we? (Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Pre-Diabetic and Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea).

So with my health plan is hand, it will eventually lead to other more drastic measures but in the interim, I am making a gentle foray into the world of KETOGENIC eating to change my relationship with food.

I am very glad to see that Chef William (referenced in the title) is a Boomer who is offering inspiration towards healthy eating and great looking recipes – who can resist chicken and portabellos?

I may continue to check in here spasmodically as to my progress (advance or retreat) against the Big Four but the point is my cat Frodo took steps to Ketogenesis himself today!

Voluntary or involuntary changes in eating habits?

I made bread in a cup this morning.
I used:

  • banana flour
  • egg
  • butter
  • baking powder
  • Celtic salt (yeah I have some in my pantry and I am still waiting to hear the skirl of pipes or the strains of song and poetry when I open the container – but that is off point)

This is instead of bread (I find I am gluten intolerant after a good 60 years of consuming generous quantities – who knew).

This is my favourite ‘bread in a cup’ cup. No judgement on the label, please.

So I happily munched my way through this ‘bread that wasn’t’ that was made in a ‘cup that wasn’t’.  Tasty, a bit gluey and a bit CRUMBLY.

The Semi-Liquid Shadow

It wasn’t that tasty that I wanted to clear up the bits, crumbs and a substantial flake of ‘bread’ still left on the plate.

So when I turned my head for a moment, Frodo the cat (you’ve met him before on these pages – the Semi-Liquid Shadow is his handle) moves in with stealth and devours all bits in sight!

This is what remained!

Frodo was still licking his lips so no chance of mistaken identity of the forager.

He is the only 4 legged one in this house anyway!


Frodo’s remaining bread from the cup.


Keto for good health

My choice to ‘go somewhat Keto’ is voluntary (with a hefty nudge from health consequence dark discussions).

Frodo’s choice was based on an opportunistic grab at something resembling food.

Dear reader, don’t be concerned about the lean grey eating machine.  Frodo is well-fed, well cared for and an integral part of my weird household.

He is a blue oriental of pedigree status with a nervous disposition unless food is involved.

I am also well-fed and well cared for: that has been my problem.

So in looking at Ketogenesis for good health for all of us in the house, 2 humans and 1 feline (currently) – should I feel concerned that Frodo’s choice of Keto is somehow involuntary and I should make more effort to keep his nose away from my plates of GREAT HEALTHY HUMAN FOOD?

He is a demon for roast chicken (Chef William should it be skin OFF or ON for him?).

I look forward to any advice or comments from anyone experiencing this dilemma!


Frodo front view with a friend





Back view taken from human’s comfy chest


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