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Preparation is key before you get up to speak.

Here are some things to think about BEFORE you get up to speak.


It takes a bit of practice and a lot of confidence to stand and speak on demand.


Most people avoid that and only a few bravely battle on.


What sort of preparation do you do now?


AFTER panic and BEFORE you get up to speak in public?


Here is a short video to get you started.


Go get a pen while it loads.


Photo by the CEO Kid on Unsplash


There are a few very handy tips you can write down and think about later.




The music is to make you feel triumphant.


Tell me if it hits you some other way.


Public speaking skills can be learned.


Are you ready to take the challenge?




Come and talk to us at Polish Your Pitch for your own Amelia Earhart starter kit!







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