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Newest Sports Challenge – harnessing vinegar power lift-off

Here is the next exciting newcomer for the Kitchen Olympics.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Soda Stream (SS) Challenge

This new event combines the mental stimulation of science, the thrill of digital dexterity and the lapse in the mental processes of the competitor.

Equipment is readily available in the suburban kitchen so no added costs.


How to play

Take a soda stream bottle of water (cold) from the fridge.

The intention is to make the cold water fizzy to ‘enjoy a sparkling moment’ as recommended by the Soda Stream people.

Switch off brain between the fridge and the SS.

Stop at the bench where ACV is stored.

Put a teaspoon or so of ACV into the chilled bottle, BEFORE continuing on to the SS fizz maker.

Enjoy the calm while unscrewing the bottle……..

Expect to be challenged by a fountain of FIZZY water ACV flavoured erupting when the bottle is uncapped.

Happy by-products of this explosive finish are:

  • refreshing spray for the competitor’s face
  • quick rinse for the clothes
  • bench, floor, walls get a quick hose down
  • SS machine never looked cleaner!

What more can we ask for sports fans?

For those who want to know why – SCIENCE.

Forgotten science and Joey Scouts

The origin of this new game is explained by:

  • I had forgotten about the bicarbonate soda and vinegar tame rocket fuel I had made for many a Scout camp as a Joey Scout Leader in Tasmania
  • I failed to make the connection between ACV and vinegar – DUH
  • I failed to equate CO2 with bicarb soda NaHCO3
  • more of my brainless activity in the kitchen.


These are the only extra pieces of equipment needed for the vinegar rockets.


Boomer readers will recognise the white cylinder with the cap sitting on the piece of aluminium foil.

Those of you who don’t, please share what you might think is it – other than a rocket fuel booster.

It is highly recommended that this fun event be carried out under the supervision of a sensible person – grab a Scout – I was one once!  






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