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Newsflash! The newest event has been confirmed!



The previous KOIC events that have been introduced on these pages are:

The most exciting news is that this is the first KOIC teams event! It is also the first successful cross-species events in the history of KOIC.

Setting the scene

For those of us interested in good health and well-being, passion fruit is a welcome addition to our food and drinks.

They are a seasonal fruit and when they are in abundance, it is often very useful to scoop the pulp and freeze it, so that the popular fruit can be available all year round.

The featured image is the ultimate goal for this fast and often messy sport.

Origin of the Event

Acknowledgement is given to the inaugural sponsor of the event who Marney Perna who provided a bucket of fresh ripe passion fruit.

The first competitors – Frances Cahill and Frodo – the semi- liquid shadow (of gone Keto fame)!

The equipment

Equipment kept simple.

The Game Preliminaries

  • place 20 passion fruit on and near a cutting board
  • the cutting board is polished granite in the original game – but any very smooth surface is ideal
  • cut each piece of fruit
  • scoop out the pulp
  • place a small amount in freezer bags
  • store in the freezer
  • remove a pack for additions to smoothies, desserts and other foods
  • ensuring that the delicious fruit is available all year round.


The Execution

  • start out with a smooth solo activity
  • cut fruit #1 open – scoop out pulp with a teaspoon – spoon pulp into a bag – zip close
  • cut #2 – scoop out pulp – spoon pulp into next bag
  • continue smoothly until about #5
  • introduce the animal member of the team into the kitchen arena
  • a blue oriental cat Frodo was the original competitor but no current restrictions apply – if it allowed in your kitchen – GAME ON!
  • stand at the cutting board with a knife and continue with the game
  • that is the signal for sky food for animals in most houses

The Game Heats Up

  • the animal now starts yelling and stretching up to the cutting board (game base plate)
  • human engages in diversionary tactics – offer passion fruit to show IT IS NOT CHICKEN
  • animal renews attack in the certainty that the human is using a weird smell to mask the chicken that MUST BE THERE
  • the smooth execution method deteriorates very quickly from that point
  • cut #5-10 – scoop out pulp – fling it into a bowl – repeat until the bowl is full
  • use a ladle to shovel pulp into the bag – bigger ones now – zip close


A win!

Some refinements

  • ensure the cutting board is a very smooth surface
  • passion fruit juice made it frictionless
  • juice overflow is inevitable
  • Frodo, our original champion, was still yelling and attempting to lick said overflow
  • he was affronted to find IT WAS NOT CHICKEN!











This is open to all human/animal pairs and teams.


Be imaginative, some animal competitors may actually enjoy passionfruit.


This may change the nature of the challenge.


So feel free to introduce any other slippery, juicy pulp to achieve the same results!


The KOIC looks forward to seeing your comments and hearing about your personal bests in this fast-moving sport.







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