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New Domestic Sports Are Getting Noticed!

Is backyard cricket on the way out?

There is a new wave of involuntary physical activity that has been practised for decades and is now sweeping the nation:


As an emerging brand of elite sport, records are still being set and the RULES are being made up (ahem established).

The preliminaries are as follows:

  • boomers and older – first preference as players
  • arthritic conditions – useful and often mandatory to achieve personal bests
  • a sense of wonder or bewilderment is a strength

This first event is played in kitchens (and bathrooms) around the world – EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Sports Networks have not yet picked up on the power of participation in these events!

Blister Pack Tablet Projectiles

This is the fast-growing domestic sport as at 2 January, 2020.

If you struggle with cherry tomatoes in those fiddly containers – you are a natural!

The smaller the tablet the higher degree of difficulty assigned to your performance.

Today, my personal best was firing an aspirin straight out of the blister into the narrow space ABOVE the dishwasher and BELOW the bench!



Judges and Officials Being Recruited.

I am looking for volunteers to be judges in this emerging event:

  • must have performed this activity (or similar) at least once a day for a few years
  • have been creative/inventive on the landing zone for each tablet
  • arthritic fingers not mandatory but any condition limiting dexterity in the fingers would be welcome.

I am very interested in securing the services of a retired pharmacist.  I am in discussions with her based on her previous professional expertise.

This brand new branch of sports needs you.

More events and descriptions to follow – keep watch!





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