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quill and inkI have been spending time talking about the technical aspects of writing and speaking.  But I have not forgotten the creative side of writing as well.  It can be a lonely place when you sit in front of your computer, tablet or quill and ink and say I am a writer.

I encourage you all to explore that wonderful inner place of creativity as well.  Look for groups, clubs, courses or programs that will connect you with like-minded creative people.

I am very lucky that where I live (Sunshine Coast, Qld, Aust) there is an acknowledgement and acceptance of the creative industries.  More work needs to be done, of course, for mainstream society to see the economic and cultural value of creative activity but there are definite places where a budding writer can splash around in the creativity pool.

Do you feel the need to justify being a writer.

Are you asked when you are going to get a real job?

How do you set up your schedule to write?

Do you grab topics as they find you or are you are planner and do a month of topics and issues in advance?

I would be interested in hearing how you all have approached this task.

This 31 blogs in 31 days has been a major challenge for me.

This is my catch up blog!


Until next time

Aunt Em


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