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Quest for Research

I had high hopes for finding further suggestions and tips about public speaking when I started reading this article.

I love the explanation about the audience effect and the ways to take advantage of the psychology behind it.

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Dead Stop!

But then this sentence made my hopes fall and my shoulders drop:

‘If we get nervous speaking in public, it might be best to write out what we want to say word for word and just work straight from the page.’

This seems to offer no possibilities for change or growth or learning of any kind.

Just accept you’ll never be able to deliver a confident presentation, that’s it peeps.


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Jump Start?

This next sentence then jumps across the gap in skill:

‘If we happen to be the top expert in our field, we’ve got social standing to spare, and we’re experienced with public speaking, then we might do well to toss our notes and dazzle the audience with our extemporaneous brilliance.’

Running start

Two Ends of the Spectrum

The level of skill you have attained in the subject matter will affect your capacity to perform.

No surprises there!

Just not much use in my quest to find pertinent and useful hints from other sources to help you gentle readers.

You see (cough)….. in all of the research I have done (so far) …… there has been no real comparison for the way yet in the way I approach this field of coaching.

I give people tools to speak with confidence, using communication theory principles, theatre techniques for voice and posture, assistance to construct the body of the speech/pitch and opportunities for rehearsal and review.

All this while having FUN!


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Let us know your thoughts below….. we welcome comparisons.





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