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Hello all, I am taking a different tack with this Blog!

Addressing bullying – the killer of self-confidence!

I am always talking about ways to boost your self-confidence, face your fears and techniques to polish your performance.

I will never stop doing that.

But can you stop with me for a few minutes and watch this video?


There is an answer


It is uplifting in its message for young people and for that reason alone I share it.

But it has evoked for me some nasty memories throughout my life where I was smarts-shamed, fat-shamed, interests-shamed.

How about you?

You are not alone


This video was shared by on LinkedIn and while it is focused on young people there are some real gems here for us all to look at.

The power of recognising and celebrating your self is undeniable.

Please take a look for yourself and maybe for the young ones in your life!


This is SO POWERFUL!  


As always, please feel free to share your comments in the box below.



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