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I came across this article How I Overcame the Fear of Public Speaking by Adam Grant recently.

My research for more ways to build resources for my clients leads me in all directions.

My clients are on every point on their way to speaking in public with confidence.  They deserve to be met at that place by me with a full toolkit (and checklists) to power forward.

I wandered through Prof Grant’s article and found some gems which I collected in a video cheat sheet – take a look at it below.

But when I followed the link back to a referenced article about the BIS/BAS Scales I was fascinated.


These were the words that jumped out at me:

  • behavioral inhibition
  • behavioral activation
  • impending reward
  • impending punishment


I have seen a new way of presenting the picture to my clients to get us both in the space of ‘public speaking’ for them.

Some questions can now be framed in this new (to me) structure for some clients.

  • What does this event (of public speaking) mean to you?
  • What is your usual response to the thought of public speaking?


No, I am not always reaching for the new shiny thing to dangle in front of my clients.

But I am always on the lookout for ways of reinforcing the message that I have been delivering during 30 years of coaching.

Here’s the video cheat sheet.  Please feel free to comment.




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