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Name that one item | subject | hobby | interest that you could speak about all day, fluently with enthusiasm and authority.

When you think about this topic, I can guess that these bubble up:

  • ideas and examples
  • ‘how-tos’ and ‘best ifs’
  • fun or challenge this thing presented when you first started
  • where to go to get  experience |buy it
  • why you continue your interest in it.


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Frodo and friend


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Just distribution of information right – but it’s about something you love?

I am so lucky…… I could speak about speaking all day!

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Well apart from my family, my friends, flamingos, my cat, books, singing, my techno dinosauredness, food, music, movies etc etc etc and my new interest the Ultimate Blog Challenge……. you get the picture.

Public speaking is not your favourite pastime?

I understand that that for some people speaking in public and even speaking about speaking in public can be an unpleasant experience.

There are a whole range of ways that you can address this – if it is important for you.

I sat down with an old friend and dancing partner, @Stuart Fisher who speaks for a living.

He talked about what his philosophy is….. yeah it has to do with the distribution of information.

Please enjoy. I’ve got the STICK that makes the words go BIG.  Australian accents are free to hear!

Drop me a line below if you would like to explore what is available – if you want words to go BIG with or without a microphone!






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