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PICTURE THIS. You are standing in a small business networking event.


Photo by Product School on Unsplash

Someone asks:  What do you do? or What is your business?

Photo by Adam Solomon on Unsplash

What is your response?

UmI give people financial advice or I am just a glove stretcher (….. insert name of profession).

What do they say?

That’s nice?

An awkward pause and a sympathetic Oh?



What would it be like to have people ask you:

  • tell me more about your business!
  • give me your card
  • I hadn’t thought about web design, kinesiology, glove stretching, writing…. like that!


What would it be like to know you would have something to say?

Enter this captioning contest – you have the chance to win a free mini-session with Polish Your Pitch founder and director, Fran Cahill.

Ninja Public Speaking Coach | Speaker | Sociolinguist

MAGIC 3 FOR SMALL BUSINESS –  a mini session just for you!

It is a specialist program for small business owners to craft a range of elevator pitches and learn techniques for confident and effective delivery.  Tailored for you and your business.





Submit your brilliant and witty entry in the comments box below.

This competition will run until January 25, 2020.  Entries will be judged by the giver of the prize – that is me.

Up to 3 winners will be chosen.

Sessions will be 30-45 max and conducted via Skype.

The winner will be announced here on January 28, 2020 and details will be sent privately, once a mutual time is agreed.













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