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What would you do if you could be invisible for one day?



Take just a moment and ponder this.


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Here is a pencil for you to write down the details.

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Pick one thing.

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Say it out loud.


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Is invisibility the only way to accomplish this one thing?

There are times when we would prefer to be invisible.

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But there are times when we know we ARE visible – others look through us.


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What could visible you do to achieve that one thing?


Take a course?  Think about Toula. 

Read more widely?

Turn off the television?

Look up from the phone?

Speak a bit more loudly?

Stand up?

Sit down?  (Powerful if you think of the number of ways that would make you stand out).  Think Faith Bandler or  Rosa Parks.

Any and all actions you take will reduce your feeling of invisbility and build your confidence.

Self-confidence starts with self. See what I did there?


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